90 + 6 ‘Muhammet is behind the ball. Raised towards the penalty area. Abodun with the head raised the ball. Talha medium chance. The middle of Talha. The ball is out. And the referee blows the final whistle.
90 + 5 ‘Kerem takes the indirect free kick. Halil İbrahim Esen hits the castle. The ball is out. Aut. Melih uses the goal kick.
90 + 4 ‘Furkan Balaban and the referee cannot agree. Furkan took the free kick. Ali turned with his head. Crown. Furkan was stripped. Inward. Defense welcomes. The offside flag is in the air. Yellow card to Kerem for slowing down the game.
90 + 2 ‘Kerem is animating the game again. Erdem slipped on the right wing and turned it over. The penalty area. Yigit can’t get out. The attack continues. Dogukan shoots. The goalkeeper took the ball, immediately used his kick. Bilal and the crown. Tamer Aşık used the throw-in.
88 ‘Ankaraspor takes the free kick. Defense pulled the ball away. The foul is committed against Berkay. Takes the free kick Eskişehirspor. Your Abod ran. Crown. Foul! Upon objection, the yellow card goes to Berkay in Eskişehirspor.
86 ‘Yigit on the left wing. He turned. Furkan takes the ball. Mehmet Özcan could not get out. The ball is now in Berk. Crown. Hand play decision. Erdem has a health problem and is taken out on a stretcher.
85 ‘Erdem in the penalty area. Virtue strikes. Goalkeeper Melih took the ball.
84 ‘Eskişehirspor used a corner kick. Erdem welcomed the ball. Mehmet is back. Sending it to the right wing, ball in Bilal. Offside!! Buğra enters the game Bedirhan quits the game.
83 ‘Ankaraspor sent the ball inside from the right wing. The ball from Muhammet is going out. Corner. Not a good middle. Melih starts the game again. Yiğit Kotan enters the game instead of Beykan.
82 ‘Barış is out of the game Ankaraspor is replaced by Berk Yiğit. Crown cast was used. In the penalty area Talha cannot turn. Defense pulled the ball away.
81 ‘Bedirhan played from the left wing İnbrahim Halil shoots. Conqueror is putting feet and crown.
80 ‘Bedirhan was stripped. Ibrahim Halil and rust error. Fatih is taking the ball. The ball is in Kerem.
79 ‘Baris played on the right wing and welcomes Muzaffer and Muhammet. The attack continues. Melih controlled the ball.
78 ‘Bedirhan hit the middle of the head and the ball is out. İbrahim Halil Öner can’t hit well. Kerem Kale restarts the game with a stroke.
77 ‘Mehmet is back. It stays in place. The game is fouled again. Eskişehirspor will take the free kick. This could be a chance for Eskişehirspor.
76 ‘Mehmet Özcan shoots. Tunahan who puts foot. Crown.
75 ‘Peace is in the ground. The game continues. The move made to Bedirhan is a foul! Now Ankaraspor comes with three players. Erdem’s rust. Halil İbrahim made his kick. Melih saves.
73 ‘Kerem kicked the game again. The crown belongs to Ankaraspor.
71 ‘Kerem used the goal kick. Talha turned. Eskişehirspor came out with four players, effective ge
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