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After the determination of the Council members, the financial and administrative reports for the period 2020-2021 were read, and the income-expense balance sheet and the estimated budget for the 2020-2021 season were announced. The financial report was released by majority vote. Eskişehir It was reported that the debt of sports as of 15 September was 234 million 923 thousand liras. Due to the postponement of the congress, which was planned to be held at the same time last week, the majority of legal delegates was not sought in the board meeting that was repeated today.
Speaking at the General Assembly, Club President Mustafa Akgören said Eskişehir stated that sports is going through a very problematic process. Underlining that the city’s belief in clubs is also diminishing, Akgören said, “God will give us days when we cannot fit in this hall and we can fit in stadiums. Our friends told the financial general assembly. There is a lot to tell. I can tell for hours. I can tell you exactly where we came from and what we did in this 10-month period. I can tell from my mind without using paper. Our troubles are known to the whole city. People are now uncomfortable talking about them. In this city Eskisehir Although sports are now closed, there is a very serious audience that thinks that we should not deal with such a problem, no one should come to our door. I knew this before, but I witnessed a lot during this 10-month presidency. ”
Stating that despite the support of the people of the city, club debts continue to increase and people become bored, Mustafa Akgören said, “10 months ago, I accepted this position in this podium. Everyone knows under what conditions we came to the club’s board of directors when we accepted the assignment. While we are thinking about how to put together this team, sometimes our energy gets very low and we get stuck. However, in this city Eskisehir </
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