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Selçuk Şahin, who played in Fenerbahçe for a long time and made the jerseys of Gençlerbirliği, Göztepe and Bursaspor sweat after the stage, announced that he quit football at the age of 39.

The experienced football player has achieved 33 goals and 26 assists while playing in 517 matches, including 337 of them in the Super League.

Selçuk Şahin used the following statements in his statement:

“Football was my childhood love and I achieved my dreams by overcoming all obstacles to become a football player.

22 years have been a dream for me …

Every good thing has an end and I have come to the end of a career that I will tell my children and grandchildren, with whom I live to the fullest.

It is really difficult to write this sentence, but as of today, I am putting an end to my professional football career.

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And on this long journey; To Silifkespor who started my dreams

Hatayspor made a leap forward in my career, to İstanbulspor, where I really learned football.

To Fenerbahçe, who gave me everything I have, made my dreams come true and my childhood love

FC Wil Turkey experienced another culture that allows me to come back again and again I miss the excitement experienced by Gençlerbirliği

To the glorious Göztepe, which I enjoy playing, being in the community and I am proud of

Bursaspor, which is a very big football family

And finally, endless thanks to my brothers, professors, fellow players, working laborers and all indispensable supporters who gave me a task in these communities.

Halal your right if there are people that I unwittingly hurt or upset in this long adventure. Every end is a beginning. Hoping to see you again on another adventure


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