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Speaking to members of the press in a program he attended, Mayor Gözbaşı said, “The amount to open the transfer board is ready. However, I only have an expectation about tax. This does not prevent us from bringing players or making transfers. We’re just waiting for a procedure. ”

Stating that they need stopper, wing and striker players, Gözbaşı said; “Our outgoing players are obvious. Mensah is gone, Hakan is gone, Ben Rienstra is about to go. Today we parted our ways with Ziya Alkurt. We need a stopper, we need wingers, we need a forward. You know, the league will be long this year. There may be injury, substitutes are required. We are trying to make this team not in our hearts but in a position where we will sit back and watch a match day and night. ”

Mayor Gözbaşı, who also made statements about transfer policies; noted that they are trying to get the least costly and most efficient players.

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President Gözbaşı; “Let me also say that today, if businessmen from Kayseri put money in the team with a sack, our spending limit set by the federation is certain and unfortunately we are the last team in this regard. There is a situation here that money cannot solve either. We can exceed spending limits by 15 percent. Within this boundary, we continue to meet with Turkish and foreign football players who will contribute to our team and show themselves on the field in the best way our teacher wants. Of course, these are not taken just because a person told them, reports are taken, they go through 3-5 stages “


Berna Gözbaşı: “There is no problem with our transfer board”

Gözbaşı said, “We are trying to get the most efficient actors with the least cost, but we should not be dreamer. We also want to bring star football players. We made a 3-year plan; As our costs decrease and our spending limits increase, we will go to better days gradually. We continue our work. We are not stuck with the past, we are looking ahead. Lafla, we don’t have a minute to spend gossiping, we take care of our business. Hopefully, we are dreaming of a Kayserispor where good things are talked about with the support of the whole city. We are also close to that. “Our team is a team that is on the agenda with everything it does.”

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