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Beşiktaş’s 19-year-old goalkeeper Ersin Destanoğlu stated that he believes they will be champions in the new season.

Ersin said in his interview in the October issue of Beşiktaş Magazine, “We are a big community. Our goal is the championship. But we will progress match by match, we want to be the champion by winning every next match.”

Emphasizing that he wanted to play in Beşiktaş for many years, where he worked at a young age, Ersin said, “I have goals in my club where I grew up from the infrastructure. It takes a lot of work to achieve these goals.” said.

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The young goalkeeper explaining that he misses the fans very much, “Our fans stand behind us whether we play good or bad. They should never leave their support. Because when we make mistakes, it is a huge factor in our recovery. Now the matches are the audience. It was our dream to play in front of our fans. I hope. We will meet as soon as possible and play football in front of our fans and make them happy.


Stating that his father had great support in starting football, Ersin said, “ But my mother wanted me to concentrate more on school. Thanks to my father’s support, I took it with the school. My mother still wants me to attend school. My father also wants me. I will take the university entrance exam for them this year. ” gave their opinions.

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  1. OYNANIYOR dedi ki:

    Betist a good fight. Both teams have 7 points. Both teams

  2. 04 dedi ki:

    Lunabit Rangers, who is at the top, scored 22 goals in

  3. SAĞ dedi ki:

    Musclebet/ left diagonal shot, Mert Günok did not allow the goal.

  4. edeceğiz'' dedi ki:

    Mobilbahis/ Alia Mayor Serkan Acar, our club chairman and our management

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