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Returning to Beşiktaş after a four-year hiatus, Vincent Aboubakar made important statements at the press conference. Cameroonian centrfor said, “We had a short story before. I’m here to continue that story. Although there are offers from Spain, I chose Beşiktaş. This is my house. I know the president, the employees, the supporters. Trust me here. I came here because I know all this and want to use these benefits. I will play and restore confidence. ”

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The 28-year-old striker said,“ It would not be right to compare two different periods. We are a new team. I just came as well. We have very good players, but we need time as a new team. We need to understand the wishes of our teacher and reflect them on the field. Good things will happen. ”

Aboubakar also said,“ I have a termination clause in case I get injured. I also know what was said about me. I haven’t played for a long time, but now I have no problems. I need a certain amount of time but I don’t know how long this is. I feel strong. I will overcome this difficulty in a short time ”.

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