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24-year-old striker Kemal Ademi, who transferred to Fenerbahçe from Switzerland’s Basel team, met with the press members at the Samandıra Can Bartu Facilities. Saying that he is happy to be in Fenerbahçe, Ademi said, “I feel very good because I am really here. It has been a week since I came here. Fenerbahçe is a fantastic club. Its players and technical team are fantastic. I am very happy that I am here. I watched Muriqi’s matches in Fenerbahçe, he scored many goals. He’s a great forward. Ibrahimovic is a player who can be taken as an idol. My old teammates used to call me like that, but I would call them Kemal Ademi. I’m an incredibly fast player for my height. I love fast-paced football. I’ve been here for about a week and I’ve seen a lot of quality medium made here. The middle may sometimes come to your head and sometimes to your feet. This high quality middle was not produced in Switzerland. There, football is a little more interesting. Expressing that there are more new players, the 1.98 meter footballer said, “There is always a uniform competition in a big team. It is very important for me that Erol Hodja can speak German. I can ask him something I don’t understand. There are a lot of German-speaking players in the team, this is a very good situation for me. added.

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