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Match result: G.Rangers 2-1 Galatasaray

87 ‘Goooool … G.Rangers 2-1 Galatasaray (Marcao)

76 ‘Linnes tried his luck from afar in a corner kick from the left wing. The ball went auta from the top.

74 ‘In the fast growing Rangers attack, Morelos hit the right diagonal. The ball went auta from the side.

71 ‘Goalkeeper McGregor controlled the ball, which glided from the right wing to the back post in the middle of Feghouli.

69 ‘Omar remained on the left wing. Galatasaray got the chance to stand ball from an effective point.

62 ‘With Babel’s pass on the left wing, Linnes wanted to move. Goldson intervened.

59 ‘Goal … G.Rangers 2-0 Galatasaray (Tavernier)

56 Galatasaray is trying to take control of the game by passing.

55 ‘Goal … G.Rangers 1-0 Galatasaray (Arfield)

48 ‘Morelos wanted to be pushed into the penalty area from the left wing. Taylan managed to win the ball by using his physics.

46 ‘The second half has begun.

Half time result: Rangers 0-0 Galatasaray

42 ‘The referee determined that Marcao was in an offside position in the free kick that Emre took from the right wing towards the penalty area.

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40 ‘In the middle of the left wing Barisic’s ground, Marcao took the ball away.

39 ‘Linnes wanted to land zero on the left wing. But he opened the ball from his foot. Aut.

37 ‘Galatasaray increased its pressure in these minutes.

34 ‘Goldson, who intervened in the middle of Feghouli’s right wing before Falcao, cleared the ball away.

30 ‘Emre wanted to enter the penalty area from the left wing. Davis interrupted and sent the ball to a corner.

24 ‘These minutes, both teams are losing ball in the midfield.

20 ‘Emre wanted to hit the ball that Linnes, who went down to zero from the left wing, took back. But the defense did not pass.

14 ‘The Rangers defense took the ball away from the free kick Belhanda used towards the penalty area. The bouncing ball hit the arrival of Taylan. The ball did not find the frame.

13 ‘Linnes remained on the left wing with Hagi intervention. Galatasaray got a standing ball chance.

3 ‘Galatasaray defense took the ball away from the back pole in the corner kick used from the left wing.

1 ‘The match has started.


Rangers: McGregor, Tavernier, Helander, Goldson, Hagi, Davis, Kent, Kamara, Morelos, Barisic, Arfield

Galatasaray: Fatih Öztürk; Omar, Luyindama, Marcao, Linnes; Taylan from Antalya; Feghouli, Belhanda, Emre Kılınç, Babel; Falcao

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  1. Taron: says:

    Gobahis Başkanı Mustafa Cengiz’in, TFF Etik Kurulu’nun 19.06.2020 tarih ve E.2020/5

  2. PUANLA says:

    Lunabit/ 0-2.57’nc minutes in Turkey difference He reduced it to 1.

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