Karşıyaka could not prevent Oğuzhan’s goal in the 8th minute. The Izmir team, which did not leave the game, was able to win with the points of Doğukan (Pen) and Hakan Kuş. He continued his undefeated series

Misli.com Karşıyaka competing in 3rd League 3rd Group faced Gölcükspor on the road yesterday. Kaf-Kaf, who did not leave the game he fell behind, left the field with a 2-1 victory. In the 8th minute of the match, Oğuzhan sent the free throw, which was used by Batuhan from the right, to the networks: 1-0. On 27, Mustafa Değirmenci entered the penalty area from the right. In the middle, the ball hit the opponent’s hand. The referee pointed to the white spot. Doğukan made a goal in 28: 1-1. At 35, in Hakan Kuş’s penalty area, in the left cross shot, the leather round goalkeeper remained in Gökhan. HAKAN BIRD BROUGHT THE VICTORY
Mustafa Aşan, who pressed the defense at 53, transferred the ball to Hakan Kuş with his head. Hakan Kuş brought the ball to the net with a hard hit over the penalty bow: 1-2. At 62, Burak entered the penalty area from the left. In Hakan Kuş’s shot on the ground pass, the defense was prone to prevent the ball going to the goal. In 69, in Hakan Kuş’s hard shot from the right cross, the ball exploded at the pole. Defense took danger away. There was no other goal in the fight and Karşıyaka managed to win 2-1 from the difficult away.

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Karşıyaka had defeated Isparta 32 Spor 2-1 on the road in the first week of the league. Kaf-Kaf managed to defeat Gölcükspor, which he played in the outer field in the third week, with the same score. KSK succeeded in winning both away games. In the second week, Esenler drew with Erok at home with 1-1. In the Izmir team, at the end of the third week, forward end members Doğukan and Hakan Kuş bore the burden of scoring by the 2 goals team with the goals they scored yesterday.

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