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Karagümrük, who rose to the Super League after 36 years and ranked 3rd in the league with 7 points in the last 4 weeks, is the only team among 21 teams without a training facility. Until last year, the red-blacks who hosted their opponents at the Vefa Stadium in Karagümrük were appearing at the Olympic Stadium because they could not use their own field in the Super League matches. Vefa Stadium, where Fatih Karagümrük played the home games, was playing the matches of the Istanbul representative in Atatürk Olympic Stadium because it could not meet the stat criteria of the Super League.

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However, due to the maintenance of the Olympic Stadium this week, the Karagümrük-Kasımpaşa derby was his house will be played at Ülker Stadium. Karagümrük started to search for the field after the developments and thanked the yellow-dark blue club and President Ali Koç after Fenerbahçe’s permission.

The Kasımpaşa struggle has a special feature for Karagümrük. This fight, also known as the Golden Horn derby, has a special place for the fans of both teams. The competition that has been going on for years will be played this time in the Super League.

However, before the tough match, Karagümrük will host its opponent in a field where he will be a guest. Red-blacks, who have not yet been able to solve the facility problem, will have a field problem for a while due to the maintenance that started at the Olympic Stadium. After the maintenance that will take place on the lawn of the Olympic Stadium, it will take time to settle the ground floor.

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