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Big bucks given
Saying, “Eskişehirspor has been in this situation since it has been poorly managed for several periods since the past,” said Kurt, “The club managers and presidents unfortunately did not take steps to create resources. Establishing income-generating facilities, building infrastructure, and making income-generating investments were some of them, unfortunately, it did not happen. What has been done, especially these foreign currency transfers increase the debt every day. It turned out that Eskişehirspor bought 5th class football players from Europe with huge money. He owes the guys he can’t play, he has problems with the managers. There are a lot of doubts and rumors that are said to be wrong. But their account was not questioned either. He just said the code remained at the stage, ”he said. The club has to live
Kurt said, “We listened to the president at the Financial General Assembly. Eskişehirspor had 235 million TL debt under the conditions of that day. No one has the chance to fix this. If we have the chance to call the creditors from here, if they want to get their money, they have to keep Eskişehirspor alive. In other words, they will be patient, they will postpone, these money will not be taken by punishing Eskişehirspor, removing points, relegating the cluster. ”
President Kurt said, “The system in this professional football is wrong anyway. Account book, no proper inspection. The man says ‘I bought it, I gave it’. So now a club president even calculates the item he will receive while managing his own factory. It looks at its quality, quality and durability. He decides and takes according to him. But Eskişehirspor is recruiting players. It says 500 thousand Euros. The manager says that 500 not 1 million Euros. It gives 1 million. Ok, it passes by signing. He thinks he saved that day but leaves a debt to his grandson. ” Something to be ashamed of
Saying “Eskişehirspor is a very cruel thing for the fans of Eskişehirspor since the day it was founded like me,” said Mayor Kazım Kurt, “Shame, something to be ashamed of. But unfortunately no responsibility. People are afraid that it will be on me. There were either 80 people on the financial board or there were no. These 80 people pass away in good faith so that this president does not run away ”.

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