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While the Azerbaijani army continued its progress in the operation launched to save Armenia’s occupied territories, Fenerbahçe Coach Erol Bulut supported Azerbaijan.

Erol Bulut, who made a telephone connection to Azerbaijan’s CBC Sports channel, said, Just like the Moon and Star are side by side in our flags, we, as the Turkish nation, are always with you. Turkish team Fenerbahçe always stands by the Azerbaijani people. ”

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Erol Bulut stated that they made a good start to the 2020-21 season and recalled that they included 18 players in the team. Voicing Erol Bulut, “Some people have in mind that ‘the team has to go very well after 18 transfers’. Of course we want to win every match, but it takes some time because we had a 4-week period during the transfer period. Transfers have always joined us with a break. That required us to do the training program all over again. But I think we will have a better Fenerbahçe watch after this national match. There are many messages coming from Azerbaijan, there is a great Fenerbahçe supporter. They support us, their peace of mind, our football players continue to work in the best way possible. Our goal this year is championship in the league. I hope we will remove the championship trophy altogether at the end of the season. Like what kind of European football we follow world football. Because when we look at the last years, I think Azerbaijan football has started. Baku teams are teams that show up in Europe. From time to time, it is detected in the football players there, we watch. Hopefully in the coming period we can see Azerbaijani footballers in Turkey, “he said.

Erol Bulut, has used the following statements on the question of the status of Garry Rodrigues:” Rodrigues Fenerbahce footballer, there is currently still a 1-year contract. He had minor injuries in the last weeks in the groin area and we could not evaluate him. It will adapt in the best way in the coming period. Of course, there are 1-2 offers that are currently being transferred. I think he will make the best use of these transfer offers. Fenerbahçe is of high quality here. He said, “Everything can happen in line with the interests of the Fenerbahçe Club”.

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