Aydın BŞB’s goal in the League of Sultans is to continue the series, to stay in the Play-Off, defeating Yesilyurt on the road and living first in the country.

Misli.Com Aydin BŞB wind is blowing in the Sultans League. In the 2020-2021 season, Aydın’s Sultans intimidated their opponents with their struggle and ambition, winning the first away victory against Yesilyurt with 3-2 and rising to 5th place with 10 points.

While Aydın got his 4th victory in his 6th game, the national volleyball player Meryem Boz, nicknamed Blue Angel, continues to be the biggest weapon of the team. Meryem scored 8 points in the 3-2 Galatasaray victory, 30 points in the 3-0 victory of İlbank, 33 points in the 3-0 Ilbank match, 33 in the Kuzeyboru match, 3-0 defeat, and 8 points in the match against Yesilyurt in Istanbul. Meryem, who showed that she is the most important weapon of her team by scoring 124 points in 5 matches, said, “It’s time for Beşiktaş.” Stating that they fought well in the Yeşilyurt match and deserved to win, the head coach Alper Hamurcu said, “We will continue our series and take our place in the top ranks. The goal is Play-Off.”

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