Murat Diri made a statement on his social media account after the Eskişehirspor-Adanaspor match. ETB President Diri emphasized that everyone in the club is doing their best and gave the following statements; “Dear Eskişehirspor fans, we see that after the first two matches there are many different voices in the community. Friends, everyone is right in their comments. However, we have been struggling to survive for the last 5 years. Please let’s be a little more patient and calm during these painful days. People who come from the bosom of the stands are trying to do the best for this club like all of us. ”
“This is very cliché now, but it’s a miracle that even the team came out on the field and had dinner at the facility. God knows what we went through with our teacher, Fuat Çapa, while he was serving as the executive board. Now I am sure that the only problems of Mustafa President and the board of directors are Eskişehirspor. In this process, we have nothing to do but think, “How can we support them?” The management knows everything about the situation in the club. We should avoid discourses that will demoralize them. ”” Thanks to our fans “
“During the period we started with Children, there were those who criticized Fuat Hodja mercilessly. Now, some of our supporters make some heavy criticism against our teacher Mustafa Özer. Make sure of that. Everyone in the club is doing their best in line with the possibilities available in this process. Think about how we have fought us over the years. Thanks to our fans, we are a club that succeeded the impossible and still survives. This community will continue to live as we, the fans, come together. We have a difficult process ahead. And remember; there is torment in separation and mercy together. ”

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