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Beşiktaş reacted to the rejection of the Antalyaspor group’s request for a new test by the TFF. HERE IS BEŞİKTAŞ’S EXPLANATION “The allegations in the press and social media that many footballers and technical and administrative committee members of Fraport Tav Antalyaspor, which our Football A Team will host at Vodafone Park in the second week of the Super League, are Covid-19 positive; our athletes Contrary to the allegations made in the press and social media, in the statement made by Frankfurt Tav Antalyaspor last night, the finding of Covid-19 in a football player and a staff member has relieved us a little bit. to protect the health of our team, to address the concerns of our Camia and our fans, as we also transmits the end of a test made by us essential görülmüştür.türki Football Federation, Fraport Tavor Antalyaspor’s delegation to the Covidien-19 diagnostic test for our demand to be done in Istanbul, meaning give unable way Not approved and our Football A Team, Still, after the Fraport Tav Antalyaspor match, our Football A Team, which will face the Portuguese representative Rio Ave in the UEFA Europa League 3rd Preliminary Round competition, has even one in the routine Covid-19 diagnostic test to be held on weekdays. It is our greatest wish that no positive findings are encountered. “

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  1. FENERBAHÇE'Yİ dedi ki:

    Supertotobet of the tough fight that lasted for 2 hours and

  2. TOTTENHAM dedi ki:

    Süpertotobet was supposed to win. ALİ ECE: Beşiktaş withdrew too much

  3. Lucescu dedi ki:

    Sultanbet642 it’s only the first half. He will score at least

  4. başında dedi ki:

    Bahisnow içeride oynamamız bizim için bir avantaj. Oyuncularla beraber iyi hazırlanıp,

  5. BAŞLADI dedi ki:

    Ngsbahis/ the competition after the group matches played matches evaluated in

  6. LİVAJA dedi ki:

    Betkanyon/ world anymore. Let’s move on to item 2 here: •

  7. Beşiktaş'a dedi ki:

    Hepsibahis/ games we have. “A complete photo bias. One of the

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