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Murat Diri said in his call from his social media account, “Dear Eskisehir People; Our city’s biggest brand, Anatolian Star Eskişehirsporum, has been going through a difficult process for years and is still trying to survive with the resistance of our fans. Every season is more painful than the previous season. But we do not give up the struggle. We are still fighting for resistance. Did we not get wet together in the pouring rain! It rained more to discourage us, the sun became hotter, and the wind sometimes blew harder! Well, did they destroy our dreams? Did they steal our youth? Which of us regrets? hearts to the ‘s Have we forgotten our promise to the most heaven-goers? We did not give up! We haven’t forgotten! The championship oath is still in the corner of our hearts! If you say; This weekend (Sunday) our glorious coat of arms is going to Altay. We will not be in the stands, but you can also wear your jersey or an outfit from Eskişehirspor. Go to breakfast like that, go out even if you don’t do anything. When the so-called derby lovers saw us at the weekend, “Are these again!” say Let’s scream once more. LONG LIVE ESKİŞEHİRSPOR. We invite everyone to share on Twitter at 20:00 with the hashtag #FormanıGiy. All of us, as a family, have used the expressions like WE SHOULD WEAR OUR SUNDAY (tomorrow) OR WEAR BLACK RED AND STAY OUT THAT “. Eskişehirliler wore the uniform
This call was responded by Eskişehirspor supporters. Many posts and comments were made with the #FormanıGiy tag. Republican People’s Party Eskişehir Provincial Chairman Recep Taşel joined the list of those who wore his jersey.

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  1. Perotti'nin says:

    Goldenticket/ Ryan Babel, yaptığı açıklamalarda Galatasaray’daki sürecini de değerlendirdi.Galatasaray’ın çok iyi

  2. belli says:

    Betist/ capital Paris, seeded number 2 Nadal and Italian Jannik Sinner,

  3. Colin says:

    Perabet/ both the fans and the press. In the statement made

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