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According to the news in Bild; Leipzig found the 20 million euro transfer fee determined by Trabzonspor too high. Even professionals of the Bundesliga club when making calls to come to Turkey, with this transfer now move more negative sonuçlandı.trabzonsp 1 year rental contract with Sørloth 6 million Euros have bought put options. However, if this is used, the player will have an exit item for 9 million Euros. The management’s plan is to keep the King of the North in the team this season and to make a new contract after using the 6 million Euro option and to change this exit clause. the one. It was learned that President Ahmet Ağaoğlu met with the Norwegian star in person and explained the trust of the community and the fans in him. The management certainly does not want to lose the top scorer star about 1 week before the start of the league. Even if Sörloth is sold, it is considered that it is very difficult to find a player of the same level with some of the money that will come from him. & nbsp;

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