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Dominique Seri, the manager and brother of Jean-Michael Seri, announced to the Italian press that Inter was interested in the Ivorian player and made a transfer offer.

Here are the statements of Dominique Seri:

„Has Inter been contacted? How are the talks going?“

– Inter has a huge interest right now. Seri also wants Inter. His first choice for transfer is Inter. He loves Inter very much. He loves Antonio Conte and his game. Jean-Michael loves the football Conte plays. Working with Conte will add a lot to Seri.

„There were news that Seri was an alternative to Kante. What do you think?“

– Kante, a great football player. Considering that Chelsea will not sell Kante, the ideal alternative is of course Series. He is a very smart and qualified football player. His game vision is very good and he is a great setter …

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„How much does Fulham want for the Series?“

– I don’t know what the talks with Fulham are. However, they told us that they did not want to rent it and that they wanted to sell Seri with a bonservice. Jean-Michael does not want to go to his destination for only one season. Fulham told us that he wanted 18 million euros, but the values ​​changed immediately after the pandemic. I am guessing that this price is a little lower. Inter wants to buy Seri with its bonservice if the price will be reduced a bit more.


“ Is returning to Galatasaray an option? Are there any offers from other clubs? „

– There is always such a possibility. The series does not say ‚No‘ to Galatasaray. I don’t know if other clubs have offers. I prefer not to talk about it. Until you sign a serial club, there are all possibilities. Anything can happen.

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