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Bordeaux-Blues pressed the button for Manuel Fernandes, who played for Beşiktaş in our country between 2011-2014. It was learned that the 34-year-old player, who could not renew the contract with Krasnodar due to the foreign border in Russia and took his bonservice, was interviewed twice. Trabzonspor is also among the news that Fernandes, who is aimed to be brought to the team at an affordable cost due to his advancing age, is also warmly interested in Trabzonspor.
While the negotiations in which financial details are discussed for a 1 + 1 year contract, the road is of great importance. It was learned that the transfer could be official. On the other hand, it is known that the Black Sea representative is continuing his talks with Steven Baeza for the front libero region.
THE Portuguese star was a rival to Trabzonspor at the beginning of last season. Storm’s rivals in UEFA Europa League Group C; It was Krasnodar, Basel and Getafe. While the Burgundy-Blues were defeated in both matches against the Russians, Fernandes also shook the networks in the 3-1 match. (Fanatik)

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