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Beşiktaş Coach Sergen Yalçın made statements about the transfer agenda.
Highlights from Yalçın’s statements are as follows:
„After the end of last season, 70 percent of our team left the team, the outgoing players were outside of us except Burak Yılmaz. . Burak made such a decision because he thought about our club. „
“ Our budget is 30 million Euros now, we cannot transfer with the limits set in TFF. I asked for 8-9 transfers after the season ended, I think the same things. But these players are really. There must be players who will contribute. „
“ We need to think about our budget, we need to make transfers according to the budget. We are going through a difficult process. „
“ There are names we meet, there are players to go, yes we are a little behind, but there is more to the end of the transfer period. „
“ Due to the pandemic period, we played very early in the qualifying match that we will play in September. We played such a match before we could prepare, we had football players who played for 3 days of training. „
“ I was televizyond. I did not give a message at the moment, we meet with the managers every day, I do not interfere in the economy, we only talk about the names. „
“ We do not have a very large team, I do not think we have a squad that will play 50-60 matches, but there is more to the end of the transfer period, our managers They are trying to make the transfers. „
“ The only name I did not approve of the transfer was, I did not approve Mario Balotelli. „
“ Aboubakar is on our list but there is a serious injury problem. Kalinic, Ze Luis and Papiss Cisse are on our list. Apart from these names, we have also interviewed candidates for the center „
“ Quaresma is a good player, he served but it is over. If Gökhan Töre takes care of his problems with his club, our door is open. Ndiaye is not in our plans. „
“ There is nothing clear about Josef de Souza, but he is a player that I look forward to. „
“ I don’t need to sign a contract with Beşiktaş, it doesn’t matter! I have no compensation, nothing. A technical man who came to the signing ceremony with 25 thousand people does not need a contract „
“ Necip is an important player for us. A professional player from our infrastructure, who will set an example for those coming from below. The player of our community. He’s the joker for us. We can use it in every region. Necip Uysal made the discount that nobody has ever done. There is no other player who makes discounts other than Necip. Is its capacity limited? Yes. He is a player who can give certain things in certain regions, but we need such players in the team. „
“ As a team, we are a little behind TrabzOnspor, Başakşehir, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray right now. This is not a surprise statement, it is something everyone knows „


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