An Indian family allegedly sold the baby to the hospital on the grounds that he could not pay the cost of the birth of his baby, which he was born in a private hospital.

The incident took place in Agra, India’s state of Uttar Pradesh. The person named Shiv Charan took his pregnant wife Babita, whose pain was increasing, to the private hospital to give birth.

After the baby was born, the hospital billed father Charan 35 thousand Indian rupees (3 thousand 530 TL). Baba Charan said the bill argued that not pay the hospital the baby confiscated.

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„were forced to sell our babymoon“

Charan claimed that the hospital forced her baby to sell for 100 thousand Indian rupees (10 thousand TL). Making statements about the interesting incident, Seema Gupta, the director of the hospital, claimed that the family gave up the baby and that this was an ‚adoption‘ rather than a ’sale‘.

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On the other hand, by the hospital, It was stated that all the documents regarding the child’s ‚adoption‘ procedures were prepared and the family signed the document with their own consent. Rejecting the assertion of the hospital, he argued not knowing writing Charan himself reading.

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District Judge Prabhu N Singh, newborn ’sales He noted that an investigation was initiated regarding the allegations and that necessary actions would be taken. On the other hand, it was stated that in some hospitals in India, babies were taken into hospitals and sold to couples who wanted to adopt.

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