Kasimpasa Club, Fatih Öztürk Galatasaray and Mame due Thiamine also Fenerbahce bonus given to Trabzonspor Club Council Board of „unfair competition“ on the grounds that formed Turkey Football Federation (TFF) has issued a statement on the news to apply.

In the statement on the website of the blue-white club, it was stated that the application of the Trabzonspor Board to the TFF was harmful to the union and solidarity process that Turkish football needs the most, „It should be known that the Kasımpaşa Club is currently playing the Galatasaray uniform for the purpose of serving Turkish football. The transfer of the wearing Adem Büyük to Yeni Malatyaspor and the transfer of Abdullah Durak, who wore the captain’s armchair, to Çaykur Rizespor was also made free of charge. “ It was said.

In the statement, which was reminded of the transfer of football player Özer Hurmacı to Trabzonspor, „Kasımpaşa, without any complicated business in the past, carried out the transfer of Özer Hurmacı with the request of Trabzonspor in 2015, and the player was later on 3-4 very different from Trabzonspor.“ Despite the transfer to the club, Trabzonspor Club could not pay the transfer fee of the player on time; our club was able to collect the transfer fee only after 4 years from the payment due due to the financial conditions of Trabzonspor that day. “ expressions were used.

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It was noted that Kasımpaşa showed an example of the goodwill and attitude of all clubs to Trabzonspor and said, „Trabzonspor did not refuse the requests necessary for the club to represent our country in European matches. All Trabzonspor presidents in this process are witness to the tolerance of Kasımpaşa. Again, if he had not behaved in good faith with the Trabzonspor Club in this process, they would not have been able to obtain the UEFA license and participate in European cups. Also, all official records of the transfer of Özer Hurmacı are available in TFF. their views were included.

In the statement, it was noted that Kasımpaşa will continue to increase its contribution to Turkish sports from now on, as it has been until today:

„Both Trabzonspor and the city of Trabzon are ours. The daily views of some managers, which we believe to be due to incomplete information and misperception, neither upset Kasımpaşa nor bind the great Trabzonspor. It should be known that Kasımpaşa is at the service of Turkish football. Kasımpaşa is in love and respect at the same distance from all our clubs. It values ​​everyone who devotes to Turkish football, and besides all these, Kasımpaşa also waits for itself the love and respect it shows to other clubs. „

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