Bedriye Doku, mother of university student Gülistan Doku, and her sister Aygül Doku, who disappeared in Tunceli on January 5 and has not been heard for 247 days, made a press release regarding the incident at Seyit Rıza Square.

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​​mother Bedriye tissue, in the press release, saying they wanted to have a moment before the girl, „I want my daughter.“ He said.

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Sister Aygül Doku also stated that they were curious about the fate of his sister and that the incident should be revealed as soon as possible.

Not leaving the scene after the press release. Bedriye and Aygül Doku, who were stated to want to hold a sit-in protest, was taken to the Provincial Security Directorate by the police to make a statement with the instructions of the public prosecutor.

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It was learned that the security operations of Bedriye and Aygül Doku are continuing.

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In Tunceli Unable to hear from their daughter Gülistan Doku on January 5, their family filed an application for disappearance from their hometown, Diyarbakır, on January 6.

The teams that met with the young girl’s friends and monitored the cell phone signals started a study.

The researches carried out under and above the water for 187 days by the teams searching in the dam lake did not give any results and the underwater search was conducted on the instructions of the Ministry of Interior. After the family’s meeting with Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, it was decided to partially evacuate the Uzunçayır Dam Lake and the underwater exploration activities were resumed with 17 teams on 6 August, and after 13 days of intense searches could not be obtained. It was terminated on August 18.

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